Contract Administration

We can work with you as your Contract administrator following the RICS Guideline, this includes the preparation of construction contract documents, drawings, schedules of work, specifications and if needed penalty clauses. We can administer the works through on-site monitoring from commencement to completion, including advice on implementation of conditions, valuation and certification of the works and then practical completion. With a contract administrator your home is safer.

Our process will detail the work and materials you’ll need for your project, enabling you to get like-for-like quotes from builders and suppliers – a vital and sturdy cost management tool. With the administrating of the project you only pay when you need to pay for the work that has been done,

“You Control the project, not the project controlling you”.

“If it was a £150,000 in the bank I would make sure it was protected and that’s what Jameson Consult did protect my home and family” Mrs J Wood

 “At first I thought it was cheaper not to have my contract administered, I learnt that the hard way but changed back quickly”