Eco build

We’ve all heard about the importance of eco builds and having eco-friendly buildings but do we really do anything about energy efficient homes? With a specialist team of construction, design, property planning management and experts in building surveying, Liverpool-based Jameson Consult  provide invaluable eco build advice and architectural design services, helping our clients adopt eco-friendly properties and save money by doing so.

Our effective property management services include providing information and advising on various aspects of eco builds, and architectural design services in Liverpool and Merseyside.

With buildings emitting more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than cars and planes, there is a relentless push for eco builds.

An eco build can be defined through the following criteria:

  • An environmentally low-impact home
  • Designed and built using technology and materials that lower its carbon footprint and reduces energy consumption and waste
  • Through better design, construction, operation and maintenance, eco builds reduce a building’s negative impact on the environment and human health
  • A combination of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainable living

Jameson Consults’ Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are experienced in being commissioned on designing high energy efficiency homes which emphasise the above criteria.

Based in the North West, Jameson Consult offers a comprehensive range of design services that places eco build and environmentally-friendly design and construction at their core. Our design services include:

  • Design brief
  • Outline Planning Consent
  • Full consent
  • Building regulations
  • Development appraisals
  • Eco housing
  • Eco homes

If you have questions or would like advice about eco builds, Liverpool based building surveyor and design and construction specialists Jameson Consult will be able to help you create and maintain an eco-friendly property, designed to help save you money, save the environment and cater for your individual requirements.