Did you know that almost a half of the carbon emissions produced in the UK are created by buildings? Part of the drive to decrease the amount of harmful emissions being produced by buildings, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required for all property that is sold or let out.

Part of Jameson Consult’s aim to help our clients create environmentally efficient and affordable living spaces, includes providing advice about EPCs. Our EPC advisors can help you make your home or building more energy efficient.

An EPC gives a property an energy rating. The ratings range from A, which is the most efficient, to G, which is the least efficient. The EPC is valid for ten years.

An EPC rates a building’s energy performance based on several aspects, including:

  • How much energy it uses per square metre of floor area
  • Its energy efficiency based on the cost of energy bills required to heat the building
  • How much environmental impact the building has based on carbon dioxide emissions

As well as letter ratings from A to G, EPCs give number ratings from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more efficient a home is and the lower the energy bills will be.

The environmental impact of a building is also colour coded, with blue denoting low carbon emissions and an eco-friendly property and grey signifying higher carbon emissions.

When estimating the costs of providing heating, hot water and lighting to a building, an EPC assessor uses a set of standardised assumptions about the property, including its location and how and when it is heated.

By providing you with advice about EPCs, Liverpool property build and management specialists Jameson Consult, can help provide solutions to maximise the value of your property and ensure the building is as affordable and environmentally-friendly as it can be.