Home Surveys

What are Home Survey & Condition Reports

Home Surveys and Condition Surveys are a series of residential property reports that provide a clear and impartial assessments of properties condition and potential needs.

Each of the three report formats are designed to present the surveyors opinion in a clear and structured format.  Through the use of traffic light rating system you can any serious problems and specific risks associated with a property are clearly identified and your attention drawn to potential issues.

The format and survey levels also adhere to industry best practice standards, and are benchmarked against survey levels one, two and three as set out in the RICS guidance note Surveys of Residential Property, 3rd edition.

A Home Condition Report (Survey Level One)

This is a succinct and descriptive report ideal for compact and new build properties. Defects are clearly identified using the traffic light system, drawing your attention to potential issues in the property. A condition report also helps for home owners looking to assess the condition of their property and in planning its repair or refurbishment, similar to an MOT of a car.

Jameson Consults Home Condition Survey includes:

  • A brief description of the condition of each element of the property
  • Traffic light Rating System
  • A summary of the properties condition ratings and any defects

Home Buyers Survey Report (Survey Level Two)

This is a wide-ranging and focused survey report inclusive of a market valuation element. This report is suitable for the mainstream of residential properties in the UK. Similar to a Home Condition all findings and opinions are displayed in an easy to read format, utilising the traffic light system.

Jameson Consults Home Buyer Survey Report :

  • A description of the condition of the building elements
  • Traffic Light Rating System
  • A Market Valuation (Not suitable for lending purposes)
  • A Reinstatement Cost
  • Diagnosis of defects, and additional advice on repairs and maintenance
  • An overall opinion and summary of condition ratings

The report does not provide any detailed description of the construction of the building or detailed advice on specific defects.

The Full Building Survey (Survey Level Three)

This is the most comprehensive and focused report, which is bespoke to the building and customer’s needs. It is inclusive of a structural survey of any visible issues and further highlights any potential defects. A full building survey report is best suited to large, older or unique properties, especially Listed Buildings, an optional valuation element can be added.

This service includes:

  • Diagnosis of all visible defects, with advice on repairs and maintenance of the property (subject to access to the building fabric)
  • Description of the condition and construction of each element of the property (subject to access to the building fabric)
  • Traffic Light Rating System
  • A bespoke assessment, and professional opinion, with a summary of the condition ratings given,
  • Repairs and suggested further investigations are also details
  • Optional Valuation element can be included