Planning and Consent

Before any alterations can be made on a property, planning permission is usually required. Without knowledge of the complex laws involving building regulations, acquiring planning permission can be a long and drawn-out headache.

Based in Liverpool in the North West, building surveyor specialists Jameson Consult provides clients with a comprehensive planning and consent management service, designed to give commercial and residential property owners and landlords’ greater peace of mind that your building application is fully compliant with complex building regulations.

Our planning and consent management includes preparing and submitting the relevant applications. This all-inclusive procedure involves Jameson Consult’s professional and experienced team of property management specialists meeting with local authorities.

By meeting face-to-face with the relevant authorities, we ensure any issues involving your planning and consent application are dealt with in a timelier, more efficient manner.

Professionals on your side

Our professional team of Liverpool building regulation experts will take care of all the complexities involved with making an application for planning permission. Several advantages of our planning and consent management service include:

  • A quick and efficient service
  • Step-by-step advice and progress updates
  • Application sent to relevant authorities immediately
  • Saving you time and money

Consequently, the whole process is administered with greater competence and, perhaps even more importantly, peace of mind.

Led by Scott Jameson Cothliff, an award-winning building surveyor in the North West, our dedicated planning and consent management service maintains our relentless drive to ensure no stone is left unturned in the often complex, time-consuming and costly task of making a building planning and consent application.